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Take the Stress out of Gift Shopping

Receiving gifts makes us feel special and appreciated however trying to find the perfect gift generally makes us feel stressed and anxious and it shouldn't. There should be as much joy in giving a gift as there is in receiving a gift.

The pressure to keep up with  the “Kardashians” and to give the biggest most expensive gift already creates stress and takes away from the joy of gifting, coupled with always overspending when we are rushing around trying to find the perfect gift leads to  the stress factor far outweighing the joy and sentiment behind  giving  a gift.

Here are a few tips to help you when choosing a gift.

Firstly try to allow yourself enough time to gift shop even when buying online, not rushing will already alleviate a lot of stress.. Then decide on a budget and do not go over this amount  Now you can start looking at ideas based on the occasion/ reason for giving the gift( think of how want the recipient to feel when they open your, what are you trying to say ) 

 For close family and friends it slightly easier as you know their likes, dislikes ( when ordering customised/ bespoke gifts from gifting businesses please include this type of information, you will be far happier with the end result )

 If the person is little further outside your circle then there several safer options  scented candles , picture frames, trinkets for the home or garden, If you do not know the person very well then steer away from bath/ body products, perfume, alcohol and food.

 When buying for children it is a good idea to follow the age recommendations on the packaging and avoid anything that would involve a lot parental assistance or involvement. My go to is something in the arts and craft spectrum that children can do on their own and then use. If you can, always try and find out what the child likes and what they are allowed.

I really hope this helps take away some of your shopping stress and the next time you buy a gift you are smiling at the thought of giving it, knowing the recipient will be smiling too.


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